Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change
Jim Rohn

About us

Our mission

Embracing Change: Empower older Australians and Individuals with confidence and the skills to embrace modern technology and enrich their lives.

Who we are

While caring for his seventy-three year old retired friend who was experiencing a life-threatening disease, Frank was unable to find community or commercial in-home digital skills training or support for him.

Trying to find services for his friend, Frank found his passion to change lives and empower others through sharing his IT knowledge and information in the form of digital skills.

Frank's core values of courage, commitment and passion are driving Digital Inclusions and bringing safety and knowledge to the ones who are needing it the most.

Digital Inclusions' aim is to empower older Australians and individuals to embrace change with modern technology through face to face education.

What we do

The world is changing and technology is evolving rapidly. We have a population that is being left behind.

At Digital Inclusions, we believe in inspiring the desire to explore what technology has to offer. We believe that digital skills will help people remain connected to loved ones, access essential digital services, and remain independent.

Digital Inclusion’s services help people keep connected in a digital world. Through our face to face lessons and group workshops, many adults have newfound confidence and have embraced modern technology, enabling them to remain independent and in contact with loved ones.

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